Inspirational Steps 2019


We've closed volunteer registration. If you're still interested in helping out, send us an email and we'll see if we can get you involved. If you signed up already, you can confirm below. You should also have gotten an email regarding the volunteer meeting.



Water Stations

At one of a dozen water stations that stretch across the entire route, you would be helping to serve water to all the runners that come by, as well as setting up and taking down the station.

Course Marshalls

To help ensure runners safely navigate the course, we'll have course marshalls dropped off along the route to guide them and cheer them on! We also have marshalls on bikes or in cars to follow race leaders.

Finish Line

Hundreds of runners will arrive at the finish at Dixie Gurdwara. We need lots of help to cheer them on, present them with awards, give them food and water, and make sure they're all okay. We'll also have some carnival rides and activities set up and we'll need volunteers to manage these. The entire set up also needs to be put up and taken down.


We need avid photographers who can help us capture all of the excitement...from the race starts and along the route to the all festivites at the finish line.

Race Timing

As participants begin the races and cross the finish, you'll be helping to keep track of their finish times.

Medical Volunteers

If you have first aid or any sort of medical training, we'd love to have you on our team.

Behind the Scenes

It takes months of planning to put the entire event together...getting sponsorship, coordinating with Gurdwaras, applying for permits, promoting the event, getting participants registered, assembling race kits, and much more! If you're up for the challenge and want to help make it all happen, come join the organizing committee.