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Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2009 in Latest News, Run Day-by-Day Updates. 7 Comments

au30-5.jpg August 30, 2009
Stage 61
Langley, BC to Vancouver, BC.

Starting from Langley at 6am the runners successfully completed the last and final section of the Children’s Run Across Canada in Stanley Park, Vancouver. The run passed through Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Vancouver, through crowded streets and over bridges. The day was hot and the runners pretty tired and fatigued from the previous three weeks but none quit this final opportunity. Read more…

Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2009 in Latest News, Run Day-by-Day Updates. One Comment

au29-1.jpg August 29, 2009
Stage 60
Hope, BC to Langley, BC.

The morning started in Hope as we left the Heritage Inn at 7am. The morning bus ride to the interrupted by a bird strike. A large bald eagle trying to miss a tractor trailer hit the bus head on and smashed the display window and making a mess every where. This caused a little delay as the bus needed to be cleaned up and the bird disposed off and the damage repaired. Then, following a ardas Read more…

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 in Latest News, Run Day-by-Day Updates. No Comment

au27-1.jpg August 27, 2009
Stage 58
Kelowna, BC.

Today was a day of rest, added when the Police changed their mind and agreed to permit us to run along the Trans Canada Highway instead of Highway 3 along the US border. This shorter route meant some free time and it was agreed to use this to visit the city of Kelowna. Read more…

Posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 in Latest News, Run Day-by-Day Updates. No Comment

au26-1.jpg August 26, 2009
Stage 57
Dallas, BC to Merritt, BC.

The day started off a bit later than usual, but nonetheless, still quite early in the eyes of most. The starting point was up in the hills, more like mountains if one asked some of the runners. The ardas was recited as the sun came up from behind and the runners were very excited after reading a sign which showed truckers that a 6% downhill slope was coming up for eighteen kilometers! Read more…