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Saturday, June 6, 2009. No Comment

We have two meetings that are held monthly to discuss the run events, upcoming projects for the run, iphone 8 phone case peach ideas, and challenges. We highly recommend you attend at least one of these meetings if you want to get actively involved with the run and the planning. Here’s our meeting schedules and locations: Read more…

Thursday, June 4, 2009. No Comment

cntower2.jpg Yes it’s that time of the year again, iphone 7 case travel are you ready for the challenge. If so, get this form filled and submitted with pledge money (minimum $75 required) by April 8, 2009. iphone 7 case bubblegum This is very close to the deadline and if you cannot get the form to us, phone cases for iphone 6 qoutes please let us know by emailing us at mail@ggscf.com or call and leave us a message (your name and telephone number) by April 8, 2009 and we will register you. Depending upon the number of participants, iphone 8 case lifeproof awards might be given out. iphone 6 case rose gokd However,

Saturday, June 14, 2008. No Comment


The GGSCF will be having a Building Bridges session on Tuesday December 30, 2008 from 10am to 2pm in the Multi Purpose Room in Scarborough Gurdwara (same place as last year). dinosaur iphone 6 case

Please make your holiday, work and vacations plans so that you can attend, especially if you participating in the actual running part or want to be part of the base team dealing with media and fundraising. zebra iphone 7 case

The purpose of the session is to focus just on the Children’s Run Across Canada:

1. red iphone 6 case Update everyone on what has happened in the planning of the run

2. iphone 6 shockproof cases girls Those who are on teams to get to meet each other

3. iphone 6 case great wave For teams to understand the work assigned to them that still remains