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Tuesday, June 30, 2009. No Comment

img_8355.jpg July 30, 2009
Stage 30!
Wawa, ON to Hemlo, ON.

The day started early with the first team leaving the Wawa Motor Inn at 5:45 am (after waking up bright and early at 4:30 am). The sun had not yet risen and the weather was very cool and foggy. However, despite the gloomy weather, the runner’s spirits were very strong and they were more than eager to hit the road. iphone case 7 plus thin The team had a very strong running shift, with all members working very hard to cover a large number of miles, including many group runs. The team ran from Wawa to White river, arriving at about 10am. Interestingly, some team members spent their break visiting the local town museum not knowing what to expect. iphone 8 plus case full body marble Read more…

Tuesday, June 30, 2009. 7 Comments

au30-5.jpg August 30, 2009
Stage 61
Langley, BC to Vancouver, BC.

Starting from Langley at 6am the runners successfully completed the last and final section of the Children’s Run Across Canada in Stanley Park, Vancouver. mophie charging case iphone 6 The run passed through Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Vancouver, through crowded streets and over bridges. The day was hot and the runners pretty tired and fatigued from the previous three weeks but none quit this final opportunity. Read more…

Monday, June 29, 2009. No Comment

img_0462.jpg July 29, 2009
Stage 29
Montreal River, ON to Wawa, ON.

The morning of July 29th started off as a rain day, with frigid cold weather in Wawa, Ontario. We were in the clouds most of the morning; these come off Lake Superior and make the weather cold so we had to heat our vehicles and burn wood logs in our chalet. The word “Wawa” actually means wild goose and today we ran like the wild geese to the township of Wawa.
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Monday, June 29, 2009. One Comment

au29-1.jpg August 29, 2009
Stage 60
Hope, BC to Langley, BC.

The morning started in Hope as we left the Heritage Inn at 7am. The morning bus ride to the interrupted by a bird strike. A large bald eagle trying to miss a tractor trailer hit the bus head on and smashed the display window and making a mess every where. This caused a little delay as the bus needed to be cleaned up and the bird disposed off and the damage repaired. Then, following a ardas Read more…

Sunday, June 28, 2009. No Comment

img_8312.jpg July 28, 2009
Stage 28
Little Lake George, ON to Montreal River, ON.

The first team began the day with a warm breakfast and was on the road by 6 am. The plan for the team today was to leave Sault Ste. Marie and head north towards Wawa (For those of you that are wondering, yes this is really the name of the town!). After the morning Ardas all the runners piled on to the bus except for the very first runner, Sarpreet. The team was extremely enthusiastic and motivated their expressions eagerly waiting for their turn, despite the fact that we were all up before the Read more…