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Thursday, June 25, 2009. No Comment

au25-1.jpg August 25, 2009
Stage 56
Kamloops, BC to Dallas, BC.

After having a nice hot breakfast at the hotel, the yellow team started their day early in the morning. After doing ardas alongside the Thompson River in Kamloops, the team ran hard knowing they only had one shift to cover as opposed to the regular two shifts. swarovski iphone 8 plus case As the day progressed, the weather got hotter and harder to handle. Read more…

Wednesday, June 24, 2009. One Comment

img_3324.jpg July 24, 2009
Stage 24
South Bay, ON to Naiscoutaing, ON.

Many know Rick Hansen as the guy who started Wheels in Motion, but to us he is more then a hero, he is our inspiration. He circled the world in his wheelchair, showing us that nothing is impossible. iphone 7 plus phone cases tough As a close friend of Terry Fox, Mr. iphone x case girly Hansen was truly inspired to make a difference. As Centre team 1 reaches its end Rick Hansen and Terry Fox remind us everyday that our small efforts go a long way towards helping Children in both our Canada and across the world.
Read more…

Wednesday, June 24, 2009. No Comment

au24-1.jpg August 24, 2009
Stage 55
Salmon Arm, BC to Kamloops, BC.

We started off fairly early in Salmon Arm, we had a bit of a rough start because of the cold weather. Luckily though for us as the sun came up quick and it warmed up fast. The weather today was amazing as the high for the day was around 30 degrees Celsius. diamante phone case iphone 8 We started off as we Read more…

Tuesday, June 23, 2009. One Comment

img_0231.jpg July 23, 2009
Stage 23
Newmarket, ON to South Bay, ON.

Most of us have grown up with images of Terry Fox running across Canada, a symbol of all the things we hold dear as Canadians. I imagine many of us have thought a lot about his determination and strength throughout our time on the road. For Terry, he was driven by an overwhelming need to prove that one person can make a difference. Descendants of Terry’s dream, we all brought a number of motivations with us to this run. Some of us wanted to represent the Sikh religion and share the lessons of serving humanity. Others looked forward to accepting the challenge of running miles and miles across Canada. Some of us may simply have been looking for something to do this summer. Read more…

Tuesday, June 23, 2009. No Comment

au23-1.jpg August 23, 2009
Stage 54
Rogers, BC to Salmon Arm, BC.

The day started off early in the morning as has been the case during this run. But the run has been rising a little later each day and so it is dark when we start and sometimes this becomes a safety concern and the group has to wait for some light to fill the valley. Read more…