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Friday, June 12, 2009. No Comment

Run’s coming up close, and we’ve got to get moving!

So, on Sunday, May 17, 2009 (this upcoming weekend), we are asking that all runners and volunteers participating in the Run Across Canada to come out to the Run Trial, held at Scarborough Gurdwara (in Bhagat Puran Singh Park), at 10:00am. eco friendly iphone x case

We will be simulating the actual format of the run with teams running 3 hours each. black apple iphone 7 case You will need to plan to be at the Gurdwara from 10am to 2pm. iphone 8 case with front cover Dress for the weather, because, rain or shine - we will be running! This will help the runners to work as a team and for us to see what distance can be covered.

After the trials, team make up will be finalized to balance the teams and ensure that the teams can maintain a speed of 1km every 5 minutes over a 3 hour time period.

Friday, June 12, 2009. No Comment

au12-8.jpg August 12, 2009
Stage 43
Wolseley, SK to Regina, SK.

The run started a little later than usual as the teams had advanced further yesterday than planned. However, this meant there was a lot of headaches as this threw everyone off the normal schedule. Nonetheless, the day started about 16 km west of Wolseley with an ardas out in the prairie field of Saskatchewan. From there, the run proceeded towards Regina. Like the previous days, the road seemed endless but our target was the capital of the province. Along the way, Read more…

Thursday, June 11, 2009. 2 Comments

img_1850.jpg July 11, 2009
Stage 11
St. iphone 8 plus phone case back and front Hilaire, NB to St. Andre, QC

The East team started the day in St. Hilaire, New Brunswick and proceeded towards the New Brunswick/Quebec border. The first team experienced a cold yet calm start to the day as they ran on a quiet country highway through some foggy weather. hufflepuff iphone 8 case Even with the weather on the foggy side, the runners found the route to be very scenic. Within a couple of kilometers the runners proceeded across the border between the two provinces and into Quebec. Read more…

Thursday, June 11, 2009. No Comment

au11-2.jpg August 11, 2009
Stage 42
Manitoba Border, MB to Wolseley, SK.

The run started in the small town of Whitewood at a old building that was built in 1884. It also serves as the information center for Whitewood. From there, the teams ran toward Wolseley where we stayed the night at the Banbury House Inn. fluffy cases for iphone 6 plus The scenery was beautiful and the weather - blue skies and sunshine high above - was wonderful to look at but made it more difficult to run as it was much warmer and Read more…

Wednesday, June 10, 2009. No Comment

img_4368.jpg August 10, 2009
Stage 41
Brandon, MB to Manitoba Border, MB.

The day started with Aman doing the Ardas next to the Bristol Bolingbroke plane outside our motel along the Trans Canada Highway at 6:00am. As this was too early for breakfast the motel we got our breakfast bagged to enjoy along the way although some of us finished it in the lobby while waiting for the day to start. We were glad we started early as it was very much cooler that Read more…