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Friday, June 26, 2009. No Comment

img_3429.jpg July 26, 2009
Stage 26
Whitefish, ON to Blind River, ON

July 26th was a start for some, just another day for others, but for many of us it was a start for Centre Team 2. rose gold leather case for iphone 7 The run started off with one team running first in Whitefish. After eating breakfast, loading the luggage, and listening to the Ardas, we were well off with the run all day along Highway 17.
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Friday, June 26, 2009. No Comment

au26-1.jpg August 26, 2009
Stage 57
Dallas, BC to Merritt, BC.

The day started off a bit later than usual, but nonetheless, still quite early in the eyes of most. The starting point was up in the hills, more like mountains if one asked some of the runners. iphone 8 case armadillo The ardas was recited as the sun came up from behind and the runners were very excited after reading a sign which showed truckers that a 6% downhill slope was coming up for eighteen kilometers! Read more…

Thursday, June 25, 2009. One Comment

img_3330.jpg July 25, 2009
Stage 25
Naiscoutaing, ON, to Whitefish, ON.

Centre team one wraps up their one week journey today as we reach Sudbury, Ontario. It has been a life time experience, which we will always hold close to our hearts. Through all the ups and downs we will never trade in the experience we had on the “Children’s Run Across Canada”. prime iphone 7 phone cases The last day for the Centre Team 1 was definitely a very scenic one allowing us to reflect on how beautiful Ontario truly is. Read more…

Thursday, June 25, 2009. No Comment

au25-1.jpg August 25, 2009
Stage 56
Kamloops, BC to Dallas, BC.

After having a nice hot breakfast at the hotel, the yellow team started their day early in the morning. After doing ardas alongside the Thompson River in Kamloops, the team ran hard knowing they only had one shift to cover as opposed to the regular two shifts. swarovski iphone 8 plus case As the day progressed, the weather got hotter and harder to handle. Read more…

Thursday, June 25, 2009. No Comment

Twitter Page Since most of our youth is of the new internet generation, we’ve been pretty good with keeping up to date with the new trends of social media - we’re on facebook, we’ve got our blog set up right here, matte silicone iphone 7 case we even have a YouTube page, and now…

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