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Monday, August 3, 2009. No Comment

img_3814_0.jpg August 3, 2009
Stage 34
Shabaqua, ON to English River, ON.

It was a frosty morning and the first team bravely began the 34th day of the run. While the persistent rain has been challenging throughout the run, this morning its effects had begun to show with some of the runners feeling under the weather. Each team had awesome first shifts even with several runners who needed to take it easy despite their enthusiasm to contribute. After both teams completed their first full shifts, the first team and the second team combined to form the new team, affectionately nicknamed the “Dream Team”. Read more…

Sunday, August 2, 2009. One Comment

img_3567.jpg August 2, 2009
Stage 33
Bowker, ON to Shabaqua, ON.

The day started off with the first team having their Ardas take place at the Terry Fox Memorial look out point. With the amazing view, having the sun peaking over the far mountains, the experience became an emotional one. Terry Fox was a youth just like us with the same problems in addition to his cancer. This fact alone put all of our experiences into perspective, and allowed us to realize our fortunate lives and that the same greatness seen through Terry and people like Read more…

Sunday, August 2, 2009. No Comment

img_0762.jpg August 1, 2009
Stage 32
Selim, ON to Bowker, ON.

The day started off raining cats & dogs but this did not deter the runners as they set of for Thunder Bay along Highway 17. Passing through Nippigon the runners ran along Highway 11 & 17 which is also know as the Terry Fox Courage Highway. Along this section, for most of the day, it was dry but very windy with occasional bursts of rain. Also, along this section the runners saw their first black bear Read more…

Friday, July 31, 2009. 2 Comments

img_0640.jpg July 31, 2009
Stage 31
Hemlo, ON to Selim, ON.

The morning started with the first team leaving the Travelodge in Marathon at 6 am. Unfortunately, there was very dense fog which prevented us from starting the run on schedule, but this provided time for a nap. Even though the start was delayed by two hours, the team ran over sixty-five kilometres in three hours, well over the average of thirty-three. While the first team was running along Lake Superior they enjoyed great views of the northern shores as well as the different islands far off in the waters. Read more…

Thursday, July 30, 2009. No Comment

img_8355.jpg July 30, 2009
Stage 30!
Wawa, ON to Hemlo, ON.

The day started early with the first team leaving the Wawa Motor Inn at 5:45 am (after waking up bright and early at 4:30 am). The sun had not yet risen and the weather was very cool and foggy. However, despite the gloomy weather, the runner’s spirits were very strong and they were more than eager to hit the road. The team had a very strong running shift, with all members working very hard to cover a large number of miles, including many group runs. The team ran from Wawa to White river, arriving at about 10am. Interestingly, some team members spent their break visiting the local town museum not knowing what to expect. Read more…