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Who is organizing this event?
The Children’s Run Across Canada is being organized by the Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation (GGSCF), a Foundation run by children/youth with a vision to help other children meet their basic needs, while adding meaning to their lives, and carrying out the work in the spirit of the teachings of Sikh Gurus. More information about GGSCF and its events is available at www.ggscf.com.
Who will be participating in the run?
Due to logistical restrictions, the majority of the runners will be from the Greater Toronto Area, however we can accommodate runners and volunteers in other major cities if considerable commitment is shown from individuals. Please contact us directly if you’re interested in running or volunteering within your area. Also, there are a number of other ways you can be a part of this event by getting involved on different levels. Check out our “Get Involved” page, or contact us directly for other options on how you can take part.
How are you preparing for the run, physically?
All runners that have already registered for the run, have been attending practice runs from August to November. All runners have also been told to practice running on their own, and that they must be able to run 1km in 5 minutes in order to be considered for running. Many of the children and youth have already been doing this on their own time. Additional practice runs will begin once the weather improves in late winter/spring in 2009, and will be held more frequently and regularly.
How can I find out when and where the run will be?
The logistical details, along with the route schedule and information, including dates, route map, cities, etc. is available under the “Run Information” page on our website.
How can I help?
This is a huge event and we can use all the help we can get - so thanks for asking!! If you haven’t already done so, check out our “Get Involved” page for some ideas on how to help. We have a limited number of volunteers helping with this project, so we can only do so much, but if you have an idea and are willing to lead it, contact us now! Here are some major areas where we need tremendous help immediately. Sponsorship - We’ve estimated that this event is going to cost us at least $250,000 to complete safely with minimal comforts for the runners and volunteers (we cut it down to bare minimums when our original estimate rang in at over $450,000!!). We need help reaching out to sponsors, and getting sponsorships, so if you know of anyone who can sponsor us, please contact us!

Donations - Our fundraising goal to support children’s hospitals in Canada and support a school in a third world country is $110,000. You can donate online, or via mail and any amount counts (although larger amounts count that much more, and go that much further!) So please donate any amount you can, and encourage your friends and family too!

Accommodations - We’re on the road for 60 days and nights, and to help keep our costs down, are approaching people/families who are able and willing to do so, to host our teams for a night in their homes - we’ll bring our sleeping bags and just need some floors and washrooms. Alternately, you can donate towards our sleeping accommodations at motels, or if you have contacts at motels in your area, we welcome those suggestions as well. 

Media - Help us reach out to local and national media to get us the most coverage possible for this event before and during the run so we can reach as much of the general public as possible, and spread the word about this event.

Spread the Word - Tell your friends and family about this event, and help us spread the word and encourage individuals to get involved and donate time and finances wherever possible. This is not just our event, it’s a Canadian event and we’re helping children in Canada and across the world!

Why are you doing this event?
You mean it’s not how everyone passes their summers? Well, it’s true, we’re crazy, but also very motivated, excited, and up for a challenge and experience of a lifetime. Everyone has a different reason for participating in this run, but overall, as an organization, here are some of the reasons that we’re doing this run:
• It’s a challenge for all involved
• Inspire children and youth on human potential
• Learn the importance of teamwork and effort in support of a common goal
• Develop empathy for others, especially those in need
• Make connections between Canadians of all ages, backgrounds and regions
• Learn about and experience the vastness, beauty and diversity of our country What is your reason for getting involved or wanting to get involved? Submit your comments via our contact page, or on any of our blog pages, and we’ll be happy to post it on our site!




If you have any additional questions that have not been addressed here, please click on the link below to send us your question(s) and we will respond to you via email and add your question on this page as well.

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