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Vision / Mission / Values

“A Foundation run by children/youth with a vision to help other children meet their basic needs, while adding meaning to their lives, and carrying out the work in the spirit of the teachings of Sikh Gurus”

1. Organize interesting, challenging, and enjoyable charity fundraising events with a focus on “…children helping children…”
2. Provide long term financial aid to support children in poverty through existing charities.
3. Organize participation of children and youth in local charity events that focus on helping children, those in poverty, the physically challenged, those that provide medical treatment or education, or those that support environmental work and thereby make our communities and world a better place for the children of tomorrow.
4. Establish an administrative system that allows the children and youth to plan and develop the running of the Foundation with a view to providing continuing personal growth of the participants.
5. Grow the Foundation by fostering the spirit of community service and responsibility in accordance with the teachings of Sikh Gurus and under the principle “that we are all children of one God.”

1. Provide the maximum opportunity for the involvement of children and youth in the running of the Foundation and personal development.
2. Encourage the children and youth to live by the principles of Sikh Gurus and recognize the importance of “sewa” (volunteer service to community/humanity).
3. Commitment to providing respect and recognition to all those who contribute to the well being of other human beings and the Foundation.
4. Equality amongst all regardless of class, colour, age, gender etc.
5. Accountability of all those who hold positions of responsibility.
6. Team work approach to events and projects.
7. Direct as much money to helping children as laid out in the objectives; minimize
administration costs.
8. The Foundation shall be non-partisan and shall not engage in any partisan political activities or support such activities financially.
9. The organization of the Foundation shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other gains to the organization shall be used in promoting its objectives.