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12 March 2019

Download the 2019 Registration Form.
This year, we are asking all those interested to submit their forms by April 30th but NOT submit any payment at this time. This is because the number of players was down last year and we want to see the interest this year before proceeding with the soccer program to ensure we have sufficient numbers. We will contact all those who submit forms by May 4th to advise if the summer program will be happening and will then request payment.

Important Dates

May 26 Uniform Pickup
May 27 Season Starts
August 26 Season End & Awards

General Information

  • Games will be every Monday and training will be every Thursday
  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Game Cancellation

  • If games are cancelled because of bad weather, a message will be recorded on the GGSCF Line: 416-564-3939 by 6:00pm
  • Please do not call the Gurdwara and do not call before 6:00pm



The G.S. United Youth Soccer Club is a non-profit organization that is committed to promoting and developing the game of soccer. We strive to promote competitive soccer to its highest level by offering a broad based learning experience in our "House Program" coupled with the opportunity for more competitive play in our "League Program". Additionally, the G.S. United Youth Soccer Club is committed to maintaining and improving our program for the good of the community and for the "good of soccer". The club consists of members who are parents of registered players, coaches, and many other volunteers.


To promote and actively encourage youth to embrace the sport at an early age. This will ensure that they can develop the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in various aspects of their life. Players in the G.S. United Youth Soccer Club will have the opportunity to network and make valuable contacts with the older volunteers. The Youth Club is considered the "breeding ground" (minor leagues) for the G.S. United Soccer Club (Rep. Leagues).


The G.S. United Youth Soccer Club was founded in 2000 and has grown to over 100 members.
The organization is always open to new suggestions to enhance the program for both the volunteers and the players. We constantly strive to ensure that the experience is a valuable and rewarding one for all those involved. A core focus of the club is to emphasize the development of strong teamwork and leadership skills through physical activity.