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20th Anniversary Children’s Relay Run

27 October 2013

relayrun_11On October 27th, children and youth took part in a 51km relay run from Scarborough Gurdwara to Dixie Gurdwara to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our first children’s relay run. Participants gathered early in the morning at Scarborough Gurdwara to do the ardas and ask for Guruji’s blessings. Runners then assembled under the Nishan Sahib outside and began the run together. Continuing in relay form, they proudly carried and passed along a Nishan Sahib and, with a bit of teamwork, started covering ground quickly. Within a few short hours, they arrived at Ramgarhia Gurdwara, where they briefly stopped for lunch. As with all the Gurdwaras along the route, the children and youth thanked the sangat for all of their support over the last 20 years and received donations towards the children we sponsor.

The journey continued on through the two Rexdale Gurdwaras and Malton Gurdwara before finally coming to an end at Dixie Gurdwara. Despite the cold weather and a small bit of rain, the 32 runners, along with the support of 18 volunteers, were undeterred and in high spirits all the way to the end. In October 1993, the same run was done by the youth group that would become the GGSCF, and 20 years later, it seems we are still going strong. We look forward with much hope and ardour to see what awaits us in the next 20 years!