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5 Years of Inspirational Steps

21 May 2017

01startmarathonwalkimg_6086On Sunday May 21st the fifth annual Inspirational Steps event involving runners/walkers was held as the participants made their way from various Gurdwaras to the finish at Ontario Khalsa Darbar. Marathon participants started out at Gursikh Sabha Canada in Scarborough with the 31 participants starting in three waves, 4am for first timers, 5am for walkers and 6:30am for runners. Half marathon participants started out at Ramgarhia Gurdwara on Rivalda Road at 8am. The 12km participants started at Sikh Spiritual Center at Rexdale at 8:45am and joined the marathon/half marathon participants along Finch Avenue. The last and largest group started at 9:30am from Malton Singh Sabha Gurdwara. The weather was a challenge to all the participants as it rained on and off all morning. This however did not dampen the spirit of the runners and walkers. Some actually preferred the cooler weather for running but most got very wet, especially the long-distance marathon and half marathon runners.

In total there were 462 participants and 448 finishers. The fastest marathon runner was Manjit Singh from England who completed the distance in 3h43m43s. The fastest woman was Deloan D’sa from Mississauga who completed the marathon distance in 5h39m38s. Both were presented the Ajmer Cup of Inspiration which they will hold for one year and on which their names will be added. The half marathon fastest man was Amarpreet Singh who completed the distance in 1h52m11s and fastest woman was Pardeep Passi who completed the distance in 2h26m52s. All these winners will receive a free entry into the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon to be held in October. Full results are now available, including the 12km and 5km winners and all those who participated.