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A Special Meeting

3 June 2012

junemeeting_surjitbabraOn the evening of June 2nd, the attendees of the monthly meeting at Scarborough Gurudwara were treated to four special presentations. Firstly, Surjit Singh Babra, a proud supporter and member of the foundation, was asked to share his experience of being a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his achievements, which he brought to the meeting and passed around for everyone to see! Surjit Babra was very humble in receiving the award and shared kind and encouraging words for the youth. Secondly, Ajmer Singh presented a video on the change and development in his village of Chakar (Ludhiana) in Punjab, India. The village has become a model for all to follow in Punjab by including an all natural filtration and sewage system, parks for children and adults and a sports academy. The academy is called Sher-e-Punjab and it focuses on boxing, soccer, and kabaddi. The aim of the academy is to help the youth find a passion for sports and to steer away from drugs. The academy has produced several state and national champions in boxing and hope to find an Olympian in the near future. Thirdly, Sunny Singh presented a video and pictures on the children the GGSCF sponsors from Navjivini School of Special Education, Joti Saroop Kanya Asara Trust, and Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre. It provided an opportunity for all the volunteers to see how the children are looked after and also that their efforts in fundraising help make a big difference. After all that, the volunteers had time to reflect on their personal fears in a presentation by Jasjit Singh. He emphasized the importance of finding time to think of the positive feelings and thoughts in our environment to keep us relaxed and cheerful. Towards the end, certificates were also presented for those who took part in the Walk Across Canada for Drug Awareness on behalf of Balwinder Kahlon and Drug Awareness Foundation Calgary. Overall, it was a great meeting and we look forward to the busy summer ahead (take a look at the future events page).