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Annual Seniors Trip

14 July 2012

2012_seniors_trip_7This year’s Annual Seniors Trip took place on July 14th and our old friends were treated to a day at High Park in Toronto. As they arrived, we served them with tea and snacks before we sent them on their merry way to explore the park. While some seniors strolled through the zoo and the flower gardens, many boarded a trackless train which took them for a ride around the 400-acre park. When they had seen enough, they returned to have langar. Afterward, they all got together with the volunteers and shared stories, jokes, songs and did giddha. They were also told some history about High Park and Toronto. Despite the hot and humid weather, everyone kept cool by sitting in the shade and enjoying cold lassi with watermelon before heading back home.

All the seniors enjoyed themselves and were very grateful to the organizers and volunteers; the more adventurous ones were already excited about next year’s trip and had all sorts of ideas for the venue while others were just happy since they don’t get an opportunity to go out and see places. Unlike the usual trip to Niagara Falls, the new location posed some challenges but, overall, the trip went very well and the volunteers enjoyed spending time with the seniors. This year we had about 150 seniors – roughly twice as many as last year – and we hope to have even more next time around!