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Archery Tag

3 December 2016

15259255_553100014814728_5196152760434852841_oEvery year the GGSCF gets together to reconnect and plan for the coming year. This year we decided to make it a little more challenging! To thank all our wonderful volunteers for their hard work and dedication to the Foundation we took them to archery tag! Thirty five volunteers gathered at Archers Arena on December 3rd and released their inner warriors! After learning how to use our bows we had foam-tipped arrows flying across the room! Our coach gave us different scenarios to challenge us and we couldn’t be happier. We ended the day with pizza and updates on future events. The volunteers are excited for what we have planned for the upcoming year. We wouldn’t be able to manage our events such as the Nagar Kirtan Buses or Inspirational Steps without the help of our volunteers. Looking forward to working with all of you in 2017!