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Bible College Visit

6 November 2010

school_visitSaturday November 6, 2010, mature bible college students from Peterborough visited the Gurdwara in Scarborough. The students are studying world religions and each year the class makes a trip to visit the various places of worship in Toronto and the Gurdwara is usually the last place they visit as they get to try the langar before they head back to Peterborough after a long day. Avneet Kaur and Surjit Singh greeted the visitors and went through a PowePoint presentation to explain the basic beliefs of Sikhism.
There were lots of interesting questions asked by the students in particular the comparison of the belief of this faith and the others they study. The discussion would be useful to Sikhs as well as many things we take for granted being born into the faith while it is refreshing to hear how others view us and our practices.