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Canada Day Celebrations

1 July 2010
canada_day-_group_2 July 1, 2010, the GGSCF took part in the Canada Day celebrations at the parade in Scarborough. About 70 children/youth/parents took part in front of hundreds of on lookers. The GGSCF handed out candy and balloons to young children along the route. All were very happy to see other children giving treats. The Sanjha Virsa Academy also had children doing bhangra along the route that was much enjoyed by the multi-cultural crowd who enjoyed the music, the traditional Punjabi costumes and the dancing. Gathka was also performed by the youth from Scarborough Gurdwara and some of the children from the G.S.United Soccer Club also took part. The parade was very much enjoyed by all those who participated as they saw some of the other participants, clowns, bands, vintage cars and lots of decorated floats. Happy Birthday Canada!
canada_day-_bhangra canada_day-_group_1 canada_day-_parade_2