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CanSikh Tournament Change Collection

12 July 2010
cansikh2 July 11, 2010, volunteers of the GGSCF attended the annual CanSikh Kabaddi Tournament which took place at Wildwood Park in Malton. The tournament which takes place over the course of two days has been attended by the Foundation for the past several years and spectators often contribute generously to the change collection. Those who turned out to watch enjoyed both the kabaddi and the samosas, chick peas, naan and jalabees – many of which the Foundation volunteers helped to serve. There was a break in all the excitement when a sudden downpour struck and many sought refuge under tents and trailers; at one point, there was even hail and strong winds that came down on the attendees. But the weather did not dampen any spirits as the tournament continued. Altogether, the Foundation managed to collect over $2,400 which will go towards the children it sponsors throughout the world. Thank you to all those who contributed; a special thanks goes out to the volunteers who came out despite the FIFA World Cup having coincided with the event.
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