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Car Wash at Dixie Gurdwara

22 July 2012

20120722carwashimageweb1On July 22nd, the Foundation held a car wash at Dixie Gurdwara to raise funds for the Annual Run. It was a hot and sunny afternoon as fourteen volunteers gathered in front of the Gurdwara armed with hoses, sponges and squeegees. As cars drove up, they – along with some volunteers – were immersed in a bath of soapy water, scrubbed and dried; when they drove off, the cars sparkled and so did their drivers who were overjoyed and donated generously. Together, we washed about 30 cars and collected almost $400 in so doing. Although the parking lot was almost full, most people were too busy watching the kabaddi tournament nearby to wash their cars but we managed to get an announcement made and are grateful still for everyone who donated. The money will go toward our Annual Run’s $5000 fundraising target which will be used to help the 299 children the Foundation sponsors.