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CN Tower Stair Climb

13 April 2019

cn01img_7349This year, the date of the CN Tower Stair Climb marked the 100th anniversary of the Jallianwala Park massacre in Amritsar (April 13, 1919). The climb was used to remember the victims who lost their lives in the struggle to live free and with dignity. This is very appropriate as the WWF also seeks the same thing for wildlife as we humans knowing or unknowingly destroy their habitat. This year the GGSCF had the privilege to have the Toronto Pearson Airport Runners Club join in the effort to remember this historic and most significant event in Sikh history, which in time would lead to the independence of India from British rule. With their support, 93 people registered and $13,000 was donated to the WWF, the third highest group collection. The fastest climber in the group was Sodi Kang who climbed in 15m 20s and will now hold the Mata Kishan Kaur Cup, given to the fastest climber in the GGSCF group each year. Congratulations to all the climbers for collecting for a very worthy cause and also honouring the memory of those who gave up their lives, that they are not forgotten.