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Fauja Singh 5km in 43m32s

14 October 2012

fauja121014_5One year after being the first 100 year-old to complete a marathon, Fauja Singh returned to complete the 5km in the STWM. Although it was pouring down with rain, it did not deter this 101 year-old. When asked if the rain bothered him by the media he replied, “this is natural, happens all the time, you cannot stop running just because of a little rain”. Over 101 people from the community took part in the STWM (to celebrate his 101 years), mostly in the 5km but some in the marathon races as well; such is the legacy he leaves from the inspiration he provides.

Although he started off at the back (he did not want to slow down other runners), it was not long before he picked up the pace and overtook hundreds along the way as well disciplined community supporters ran behind him and as everyone he passed cheered him along. Along the route were two bus-fulls of GGSCF volunteers, the youngest being 9 years-old, who stood along the route and helped to control pedestrians and also give water to the runners of all the races. Although they were soaked, they lifted the spirits of the runners by all the shouting and screaming support they provided. At the finish, Fauja Singh was surrounded by the media and following this, he went to City Hall to have pictures taken with this supporters.

While much of the focus was on Fauja Singh, we also wanted to acknowledge those from the GGSCF who took part in the longer races and their chip times.

Marathon (42.2km):
Harjot Singh Bains 4:11:06
Harmander Singh (coach to Fauja Singh) 4:47:01
Sadhu Singh Sidhu 4:48:31
Le Luong (Sikhs in the City Canada) 5:23:58
Surjit Singh Hayre 5:30:50
Amanjit Singh Dhillon 5:39:43
Sundeep Singh Sandher 6:01:18
Nirmal Singh Lotay (assistant coach to Fauja Singh) 6:01:47
Sukhy Kaur Hayre 6:11:44
Half Marathon (21.1km):
Gurpreet Singh Dipak 2:04:47
Harjinder Kaur Hayre 3:16:10
Click on one of the names above to see the finish.

A marathon is an endurance race that is not only physically demanding but also mentally. We congratulate those who completed this and thank Fauja Singh for the inspiration and motivation to take on such a challenge.