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GGSCF kids run with Fauja Singh

8 October 2009

ggscf_runners_group_with_fauja On September 27, 2009 Fauja Singh was joined by 30 participants from the GGSCF in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Os the group 8 ran 21km or half a marathon, the others ran 5km with Fauja Singh who completed the distance in 35minutes and 18 seconds.
Fauja Singh and Ed Whitlock were invited by Scotiabank Marathon organizers to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this event in which more than 20,000 runners took part. Fauja Singh (now 98 years old) and Ed (now 78 years old) as living legends of what is possible if we put our mind to it. The GGSCF hosted the UK team which came with Fauja Singh this included his coach Harmander Singh, Nirmal SIngh, Ajit Singh, Amrick Singh, Sukhinder Singh and Cyan Irwin. All the GGSCF participants had taken part in the Children’s Run Across Canada and were very motivated by this well organized event and many want to run even more next year. The results of the GGSCF group are given below:

Half Marathon (21km)
Harjot Singh Bains 1h-52m-22s
Jiwanjot Singh Gill 1h-59m-4s
Bikramjit Singh Gill 2h-3m-47s
Amanjit Singh Dhillon 2h-4m-4s
Ranbir Singh Randhawa 2h-9m-37s
Parmjit Kaur Flora 2h-10m-14s
Jagdeep Singh Saggu 2h-39m-7s
Paramjit Kaur Dosanjh 2h-42m-16s

5Km Run
Supriya Kaur 25m-58s
Panveer Singh Lachhar 27m-56s
Damanjit Singh Lachhar 29m-3s
Paneet Kaur Gill 29m-58s
Jaipal Singh 32m-18s
Aman Singh Gill 32m-30s
Jasjit Singh Dhillon 33m-42s
Pavan Kaur Ubbi 33m-43s
Sarpreet Kaur Khera 35m-9s
Ajmer Singh Sidhu 34m-57s
Kuldip Singh Dhillon 35m-17s
Tanjot Kaur Gill 37m-2s
Avneet Kaur Jaswal 38m-19s
Prableen Kaur Jaswal 38m-40s
Sukhdeep Singh Dosanjh 41m-34s
Amitoz, Jaytagun, Manpreet, Sandeep, Sunny, Chiranjeev, Surjit also took part but we do not have a time for them.