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Fun Day 2010

21 September 2010

August 21, 2010, many youth across the Greater Toronto Area participated in the first-ever GGSCF Fun Day Mini-Olympics. The event took place at Bhagat Puran Singh Park directly behind Scarborough Gurudwara. Just over 180 youth ages 5 to 14 participated in the Fun Day festivities. Majority of the participants were from the G.S. United Soccer Club. Participants continued to register until 12 pm. After the registration was complete, the participants took part in the opening ceremonies of the event. Each of the teams were explained the rules and the opportunity to claim gold, silver, or bronze medals at the end of all events. Participants were rewarded points for each event and at the end their points would be tallied to determine a winner for each team. Participants were divided into groups by their age groups. There were many different events for youth to compete in and each activity was different in testing their strength mentally and physically. The events included, the obstacle course, the gladiator pit, the soccer challenge, crazy golf, jumping castle, the waterslide,3-legged race, and the balancing challenge just to name a few. The parents and youth were treated to an incredible lunch by Scarborough Gurudwara and delicious Cotton Candy was available for desert. After the participants filled up their stomachs, quenched their thirst, and regained their energy, they were ready to compete once again. As the youth took to the field for their second leg of events, the rain slowly started to trickle down, creating a different atmosphere at many of the events. For example, the obstacle course became challenging to co-operate with the slippery surfaces. However, many of our youth adapted to the new and wet environment and enjoyed their time in the rain. Their enthusiasm and energy did not change from the start of the day. Also, the rain did not dampen their spirits. As the events came to an end, the youth had a once in a lifetime opportunity. Brian, the coach of many of the youth at the G.S. United Soccer Club volunteered to enter the intimidating Dunk Tank. For the cost of two dollars, participants had the chance to hit a target with 3 pitches and if they hit the target, Brian would have to take a plunge into the frigid water. This was an absolute hit with all of the participants and their families, as the youth were very excited to have this opportunity. The youth were yelling and screaming for Brian to take a dive in the Dunk Tank, creating an exciting environment. The event was then concluded with the closing ceremonies, and each the winners of their age group received gold, silver, and bronze medals. And individuals who did not finish in the top three in their respective teams received participation awards for their efforts. In all, it was a great Olympic showcase at Bhagat Puran Singh Park, as the foundation raised just over $1300. Each of the participants demonstrated true Olympic spirit, as they enjoyed each event and left with an unforgettable exerperience. Special thanks, to the parents, the participants, G.S. United, and the volunteers who made this event possible.