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Gurdwara Picnic, Inspirational Steps 400m Challenge, G.S.United Soccer Tournament & Annual Fun Day

30 August 2015

funday2015_4This year at Scarborough Gurdwara’s Picnic, the GGSCF organized a 400m race in honour of Milkha Singh’s performance in the final of the same event at the 1960 Rome Olympics. 95 participants took part in the challenge and although no one came close to Milkha Singh’s time of 45.6 seconds, the fastest time was set by 13-year-old Karanbir Arora who crossed the finish with a time of 1:13.13 (see race results). Spectators lined the track in Bhagat Puran Singh Park and looked on with great excitement as children as young as 4 years old all the way up to uncles and aunties competed for a medal. With the support of the community, the Foundation would like to make this an annual event. Dr. Harpreet Bajaj from the Stop Diabetes Foundation encouraged everyone to take part, keep healthy and did tests on those who wanted to see their blood sugar level during the day. Karanpreet Bajwa who completed the marathon earlier on May 17th at the age of 8 years was also honoured as an inspiration to others. G.S.United summer children’s soccer program participants also received their awards.
As the day went on, the adult soccer tournament featuring 16 different teams began who played this year for the Ajmer Singh Memorial Cup (won by Malton F.C.), along with races, volleyball, shot put, and of course the line ups for food! The GGSCF arranged a children’s fun day featuring bouncing castle and obstacle-course carnival rides as well as face painting to make the day enjoyable for all the children at the picnic. Through ticket sales, $2505 was raised and all of it will go towards the mentally challenged/blind children the GGSCF support in developing countries, thanks to G.S. United sponsoring the carnival rides. We thank all the participants and volunteers for coming out and making the fun day a success and look forward to making next year’s even better.