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Guru Nanak Walk

28 September 2013

gurunanakwalk1This year, the Guru Nanak Walk took place along the Humber River Trail on September 28th. Amidst sunny skies and a stunning view of Highway 401, the ardas was done in Pine Point Park before beginning the adventure. Over bridges and trails, through parks and meadows, 51 participants made their way through the neighbourhoods of Weston and Humbervale before walking through the flowerbeds and picturesque plantations of James Gardens, where they were served lunch and stopped for a short break. During this time, children and parents alike reflected on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and shared what he meant to them. After some rest, everyone continued through Lambton Woods down to the array of bridges nearing the mouth of the river. At the end, participants crossed the Humber Bay Arch Bridge to complete the 15.6km journey, with Lake Ontario and the CN Tower in view. Though tired, everyone had smiles on their faces upon finishing and much enjoyed the event!