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Guru Nanak Walk

4 October 2014

img_7576The forecast for the day was cold and wet – the first day of fall weather, and this may be why many who registered to participate did not show up. However, 20 participants did show up, starting from Hidden Valley Park and trekked along streams, trails, the waterfront along Hamilton Harbour, Cootes Paradise, McMaster University, Spencer Creek and the Dundas Valley Conservation Area to the finish in Ancaster. Of the participants, 10 completed the 21km distance in about 5.5 hours and the rest completed at least 12km and some 15km. The youngest to complete the 21km was only 10 years old. While the forecast was for rain, none fell and even the walk warmed up many to take off their jackets. The walk was to remember Guru Nanak Dev Ji who himself journeyed over 28,000km over four journeys he took to preach the message of God and for all of the participants to thank God for all he gives us in our surrounding which we often forget in our busy lives.