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Inspirational Marathon

17 May 2015

01startWaheguru (God) blessed us with inspiration at the 3rd annual Inspirational Steps event held on Sunday May 17th which hosted 329 participants of all ages. Each and every one of the participants was unique, making one wonder how Waheguru has made all of us such gifted individuals, and how much our soul can create when we push our mind and body to the limit. There was so much that happened and just some of the highlights are provided below:



Male Female
1. Harjot Singh Bains 4:06:59 1. Supriya Kaur Singh 5:33:53
2. Preet Mehandiratta 4:17:12 2. Tammy Aliaj 5:50:40
3. Jason Singh Mukhi 4:44:30 3. Talwinderjit Gill 6:31:22


Male Female
1. Kashmir Singh Sangha 2:04:54 1. Keerit Dhaliwal 2:37:23
2. Jaskaran Singh 2:06:01 2. Pardeep Kaur Passi 2:50:06
3. Harpreet Dhatt 2:08:00 3. Karamjit Kaur 3:00:20


Male Female
1. Gurmontek Singh 53:29 1. Kiran Battu 1:08:27
2. Amarpreet Singh 1:00:09 2. Sharon Allison 1:12:45
3. Maanveer Sahi 1:06:12 3. Simran Bajaj 1:16:51


Male Female
1. Kiran Bhatia 20:25 1. Ramanpreet Kaur Dehal 31:06
2. Gursher Dhillon 24:35 2. Anjali Parhar 32:18
3. Gurbir Bains 25:52 3. Beljit Parhar 32:38



Marathon 32
Half Marathon 50
12K 85
5K 162

All results can be seen by clicking here.

Ajmer Singh Sidhu’s “Cup of Inspiration” was awarded to Harjot Singh Bains and Supriya Kaur Singh, the fastest male and female marathon runners. After completing the half-marathon last year, Karanpreet Kaur drew the greatest applause from the crowd when she completed the full marathon this year at the age of 8 years. Another inspiration was Sandhura Brar, who not only completed the marathon, but inspired 130 of his friends and co-workers to participate in the event as well. The event would not have been possible without the dedication of each and every GGSCF volunteer.

On this occasion, two presentations were made to charities that are helping with earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. A $50,000 donation was made on behalf of the Sikh community to UNICEF Canada. Another $2,500 donation from rides, bake sales and pledges from participants was made to Possible Worlds Foundation for the children this charity supports. This number may go up as more pledges come in, but we would like to thank all those who donated, and if you donate before May 25, 2015, the government will match these contributions.

While only some are mentioned here, everyone who ran/walked for those that inspired them and proudly wore their names on their bibs were winners, along with those who inspired those others along the route to the finish. There are certainly many who were inspired to participate in activities in the future.