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Inspirational Steps

19 May 2013

is_2013_1World Record Holder Baba Fauja Singh inaugurated the first “Inspirational Steps” event this Sunday. The event saw some 206 registered participants and many others take part in the first Sikh-organized marathon in Canada. Starting at Dixie Gurdwara at 9 a.m., the 5 km participants were given medals when they got to Malton Gurdwara, the 12 km participants were given medals at Rexdale Gurdwara, the half marathon (21.1 km) participants were given medals at Ramgarhia Gurdwara and seven participants completed the marathon (42.2 km) and were given awards at Scarborough Gurdwara. All Gurdwaras were very supportive of the event and many participants pushed themselves to do more than they had previously done or thought they could do. Participants also honoured those that inspired them by wearing their names on their bibs. The youngest participant who was 4 years old was so proud to complete 5 km and the oldest, a 72 year old, limped to a 21 km finish, but finish he did. We had some first time marathoners and some who had run it before. We also had people from outside the Sikh community who experienced the spirit of Sikhs as they entered the Gurdwaras. Fauja Singh says, “exercise is like an intoxicant and you want more, but unlike illicit drugs, it is good for your body and spirit. The most wonderful part is that you get to meet so many positive people who all inspire each other through the physical and mental barriers we all have, so we can gain courage, strength and awareness of who we are.” Well done to the participants, and also to all the volunteers who stood in the sun for hours assisting those along the route with water, directions, and safety — they were an inspiration in themselves.