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Inspirational Steps

22 May 2016

is2016_17What a fabulous day it was for all involved at Inspirational Steps 2016. 433 runners took part in 5km, 12km, half-marathon, and full-marathon races, starting at different Gurdwaras across the GTA and finishing at Dixie Gurdwara. The weather was perfect for running and walking and some marathoners even began at 5am from Scarborough Gurdwara. The finish line festivities were great and runners were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd cheering, screaming, and ringing bells as they crossed the finish. Our fastest male and female participants in the full marathon this year were Manjit Singh and Talwinderjit Kaur, who were both awarded the Ajmer Singh Sidhu Cup of Inspiration.

We had many members of the community taking part, but no one was happier to see the entire community than Baba Fauja Singh, whose continuous cheer and support made it worthwhile for all of the runners and walkers as they crossed the finish line, especially those taking part for the first time. Baba Fauja Singh Ji’s marathon efforts were what led to the annual Inspirational Steps event and, at the age of 105, he remains an inspiration to many, demonstrating that everyone can find a way that they can begin and/or maintain physical activity in their everyday lives, especially in a form that they enjoy (e.g. walking, running, dancing, yoga, biking, etc.).

At the conclusion of the run/walk, participants were able to have a meal and even partake in a few fun activities with their families. Now in its fourth year, the event was a success as it continues to grow. We are grateful for all the support that was received from sponsors, Gurdwaras, media, volunteers, and – last but not least – all the participants for their enthusiasm, cheer, determination, and inspiration!



Male Female
1. Manjit Singh 3:58:19 1. Talwinderjit Kaur Gill 6:51:36
2. Jason Singh Mukhi 4:50:10 2. Pawandeep Kaur 7:21:15
3. Raminder Singh Punia 5:04:39 3. Karanpreet Kaur Bajwa 7:25:12


Male Female
1. Jasvir Singh 1:37:00 1. Keerit Dhaliwal 2:30:25
2. Simranjit Singh 1:44:31 2. Pardeep Kaur Passi 2:34:58
3. Harjot Singh Bains 1:44:55 3. Jasleen Kaur Toor 2:55:49


Male Female
1. Jaskaran Singh 1:05:08 1. Kiran Battu 1:14:35
2. Vikram Dhaliwal 1:06:00 2. Ranbir Kaur Khangura 1:19:00
3. Ajaypal Sundal 1:09:41 3. Simran Bajaj 1:19:19


Male Female
1. Kiran Bhatia 20:12 1. Sukhmani Kaur Dhillon 28:28
2. Balwant Singh Kalsi 21:54 2. Balreet Kaur Dhillon 28:28
3. Dalvir Behal 21:59 3. Ramanpreet Kaur Dehal 29:54



Marathon 37
Half Marathon 56
12K 112
5K 227

All results can be seen by clicking here.

While only some are mentioned here, everyone who ran/walked for those that inspired them and proudly wore their names on their bibs were winners, along with those who inspired those others along the route to the finish. There are certainly many who were inspired to participate in activities in the future.