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Inspirational Steps is Back

28 August 2022

01Start-HalfMarathon.jpg'On Sunday August 28, 2022 the Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation (GGSCF) help its first Inspirational Steps since the start of the pandemic two years ago. There were some logistically changes also due to the major construction along Finch Avenue, the Etobicoke Creek Trail was used as the route. The event started and finished at Ontario Khalsa Darbar with the first runners setting off at 7:45am for the Half Marathon distance. This was followed by the 12km participants at 8:30am, the 5km participants at 9:00pm and the last race for those 6 years and older was at 11:00am. The weather got really hot even with the early start but that did not deter any of the over two participants who took part. They ranged from ages one for the youngest to 81 years at the oldest. Awards were given to the fastest finishers listed below:

Half Marathon: Bahadur Shocker 1:36:19 (fastest man) and Manisha Ahuja 2:51:53 (fastest female)

12km: Jaivir Sandhar 50:33 (fastest male) and Jaswinder Mahi 1:11:48 (fastest female)

5km: Karamveer Sahota 20:40 (fastest male) and Gursimran Gill 25:24 (fastest female)

Ontario Khalsa Darbar committee all came out to support the participants and also provided all the food and drink refreshments for the participants, the supporters and the volunteers. TRARC had the largest colourful group with many of them taking part in the 12km route. Enlight’s team of volunteers assisted with water stations for the 5km route, Surinder Singh Makh and Pardaman Dhillon helping along the 12km/half marathon route. Many liked the trail route as it was safer than running on the side of busy roads, it also allowed the participants to run along a much greener environment with trees, running water, shade and less traffic fumes and reduced road crossings/traffic lights. The other great thing to see was the wide age range of the participants with 3 generations taking part, parents, children and grandchildren. Some were very competitive like speeding bullets right to the finish line, for others it was mixture of running/walking, while others strolled enjoying the experience with young ones in hand or in strollers. Sukhdeep Singh, boxing champion was also there participating, taking pictures with fans and letting them know about his next flight at the CAA Stadium on September 10 2022. Dixie Gurdwara also arranged a vaccination clinic for the convenience of those not vaccinated or needed further booster shots.  At the event Baba Fauja Singh was remembered who this year in April turned 111 years and initiated this event starting in 2013.

02Winner-HM-Bahadur.jpg' 03Winner-HM-Manisha.jpg' 04Winner-12k-Jaivir.jpg' 05Winner-12k-Jaswinder.jpg' 06Winner-5k-Karamveer.jpg' 07Winner-5k-Gursimran.jpg' 08Group.jpg' 09Start1km.jpg' 10Sukhdeep-with 11FriendsFinish.jpg' 12FamilyFinish.jpg' 13EnlightWaterstation.jpg' 14FinishLine1.jpg'