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Khalsa Day Celebrations

29 April 2010
nagar3 April 25, 2010, many of the GGSCF volunteers turned out for the Khalsa Day Celebrations on April 25th. Although the day could have been better in terms of temperature and less rain, this did not dampen the spirit of all those took part. The GGSCF helped on many fronts:

1. Launch the Guru Nanak Education Assistance Program – by having a booth and announcing to the sangat
2. Having a booth to collect donation for the Daily Bread Food Bank – total collection was 1316lbs
3. Getting preparations for langar and helping to serve
4. Last and not least where most of the youth were involved was in managing the buses.

The parade started from the CNE and finished at Queen’s Park. This meant a new location for the bus pickups on the way back. Police tried to help by closing Queen’s Park Crescent but this caused more difficulties as we could not use the bus stop locations printed so for bus drivers, the passengers and the volunteers this was a real challenge. Anyway everyone did manage to get away by 6:45pm a little later than last year but still bad considering the size of the event and first time at this location. Anyway everyone got home safe, volunteers did not quit even after listening to many things that should not have been said, and left many of us with lots of ideas to make next year run even smoother.
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