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Malton-Rexdale Nagar Kirtan Booth

5 May 2013

sm-rnagar1On May 5th, the Foundation  had booths set up at both Gurdwaras during the Nagar Kirtan to collect registration forms for those that would like to take part in the Inspirational Steps walk/run or apply for a student loan from the Guru Nanak Education Assistance Program (EAP). Both Gurdwars were cooperative and supported this initiative. While much of the sangat’s focus was on the Nagar Kirtan, those who appreciate and are inspired by Fauja Singh did sign up for this walk/run that will take place on May 19th. It was interesting that a number of people said they were related to Fauja Singh or were from his village, but it was sad that very few were inspired by him to actually take up a activity like walking or running as a way to keep healthy, a wish of Fauja Singh and why he will be here to start this event later this month.