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Mayfield Nagar Kirtan

20 September 2014

img_0976At the Mayfield Nagar Kirtan, some of the GGSCF volunteers got to meet Major D.P. Singh, a veteran of the Kargil war of 1999. As a result of injuries, his right leg was amputated and he now uses a prosthesis. He has run half marathons in India and is known as India’s Blade Runner. He was brought to Canada by Rajinder Saini of Parvasi Media to let the community know of this young inspirational man. While he was here, he took part in the Terry Fox Run which had been a dream of his following the inspiration provided by this Canadian icon to many amputees around the world. Major D.P. Singh now is providing the same inspiration to many other amputees in India by showing what is possible rather than thinking about what one has lost. He also got a brief chance to address the sangat at the Nagar Kirtan.