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Meeting with Khalsa Aid Founder

18 April 2017

khalsa-aid-ravi-singhThe GGSCF volunteers were honoured to have a meeting with Ravi Singh, the founder of Khalsa Aid at Dixie Gurdwara. He spent more than an hour explaining the work he does in providing food to desperate parts of the world which are devastated by war, famine and natural disasters. He explained some of the logistical difficulties, the personal challenges to safety/security, and never knowing the outcome from day to day. He explained being extremely vulnerable and very dependent on locals in terms of finding food, buying food and then distributing the food with their help. His personal experiences in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Congo, Greece, Haiti, Libya, Iraq, Albania, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Indonesia showed the desire and need in these places where the social fabric of a society is completely torn apart. The GGSCF gave a small donation for the important work that Khalsa Aid does. Ravi Singh said if anyone wanted to help in any of Khalsa Aid’s projects as individuals or as an organization, they would be open to such arrangements. He mentioned that who does the work is not important but that we make the effort to help; that a hungry person does not care who provides the food, but that he gets the food for himself or his family.