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Monthly Meeting-Scarborough Branch

7 August 2011

monthly_meetingSaturday August 6th volunteers of the GGSCF met in the multi-purpose room at Scarborough Gurudwara for their monthly meeting and hoped to meet a special guest who wanted to meet the youth during his visit to the Gurudwara. Ranbir started the meeting with a presentation regarding his trip to one of the charities the GGSCF works with to sponsor children from. Ranbir shared his experiences at Navjivini School of Special Education located in Patiala, Punjab. Ranbir spoke about how the children and teachers at the school are very genuine and thankful for the support they receive from the youth and volunteers of the GGSCF. It was amazing to see the state of “Chardi Kala” in the children as they always had a smile on their face. As Ranbir presented, our guest had arrived and listened to the presentation along with the youth. After the presentation, our guest, Baba Seechewal from Punjab spoke about the state of our world from an environmental (ecosystem) perspective. He quoted from Gurbani that as Sikhs we aim for “Sarbat da bhalla” which includes all forms of life (not only human life but also animals and plants). Baba Seechwal is a sevadar who is highly involved in cleansing the water in Punjab by creating filtering and sewage systems in many villages. Also, he and his volunteers cleaned the Bein Nadi at Sultanpur Lodhi where Guru Nanak mediated and bathed. He came and spoke to the volunteers and was very thankful that we are doing seva at such a young age, providing us a base which will allow us to grow into truthful human beings as we grow older. He also spoke to the youth to take an aim into protecting our environment which will allow our future generations to live peacefully. It was very inspiring to youth and volunteers that he spoke and shared his thoughts concerning the environment and critical situation in Punjab.