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Nagar Kirtan Bus Seva

30 April 2017

01buses-groupThe weather at this year’s Nagar Kirtan was cold, windy, damp, and later in the day it rained. This did not however dampen the spirit of the sangat who made their way in thousands from the CNE Better Living Centre (where the morning diwan was held) to Toronto City Hall (where there were speeches and dignitaries like the Prime Minister). The GGSCF once again looked after the 100+ school buses that shuttled some of the sangat from various parts of the GTA to the Nagar Kirtan and then back home. This year marking the 350th Anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s birthday, the donations made to Guruji were given to the Hospital for Sick Children (approx.. $85,000) under the slogan of Sikhs for Sick Children.