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Nagar Kirtan Bus Seva

30 April 2023

buses4GGSCF volunteers turned out to the bus seva this year and faces some challenges from the weather and road construction. WaheGuru’s hukham meant with a wet day, difficulties were experienced by those who came unprepared and got soaked, some were not patient especially when lining up for buses, seniors who wanted to go by bus from the Better Living Centre (BLC) to City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square had to wait for a long time due to the congestion on the roads some it it caused by the road closures from the Nagar Kirtan, sangat continued to arrive at the BLC well after the Nagar Kirtan had left. Construction on University Avenue meant limited parking for around a hundred buses that were involved. The bus stops pickup points were relocated this year further north and so additional coordination was needed especially with the out of town buses and sangat. The rain meant visibility was poor, maps printed turned to mush. However the positive part was than none of the volunteers gave up and stayed until everyone was pickup expect for one volunteer we left behind from Peterborough who we had to return to pickup.

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