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Nagar Kirtan Bus Seva and Booth

28 April 2013

snagardowntown1This year again, all the Foundation volunteers were out in force to carry out the bus seva for the downtown Nagar Kirtan from the CNE Grounds to Toronto City Hall. Over 50 volunteers, ranging in age from 9 years to adults, manned the 17 bus stops from across the GTA area as well as also helping to manage the “out of town” buses. In total 196 trips were made in the morning moving 9,500 people and an equal or greater number in the evening trip home. The OSGC were very helpful this year in arranging for police and parking on University Avenue due to the difficulty experienced last year which closed the road for more than a hour. Even then, some people were upset and some elders had to wait a long time; hopefully we will learn from this experience to make future management go more smoothly. We would like to thank all those who cooperated and showed patience in difficult circumstances.  In addition to the bus seva, a booth was set up to collect registration forms for those that want to take part in the “Inspirational Steps” walk/run or apply for a student loan from the Guru Nanak Education Assistance Program (EAP).