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Nagar Kirtan Bus Seva

24 April 2016

buses3The Nagar Kirtan bus seva was a bit more challenging this year as we tried to change the way the sangat got to downtown and back. Bringing in something new is always challenging as people are used to the way things have been done previously. The changes included three bus hubs – Dixie Gurdwara, Damesh Darbar and Rexdale Gurdwara. The buses from neighbouring areas were pooled to these locations so that waiting time for the bus was minimized and buses could make the second trip quicker from the hubs. The morning went smoothly but the evening trip back home did not, particularly from the Dixie Gurdwara line. As the Dixie Gurdwara line is the longest, it was switched to the west side of University and out of town buses parked in wrong places and the line being too wide, caused much frustration for the sangat and volunteers. The cold weather did not help and many very young or very old had a hard time waiting. Still it was a good day to do seva and shows we still have more challenges to face to make the transportation smoother. The GGSCF volunteers would like to thank all who helped, some even from the sangat when they saw our need. With the goodwill of many, everyone got home safely, even though little late and a little cold.