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New GGSCF Meetings

22 December 2023

02meetingOn December 8th some new youth setup regular meeting to plan for activities that interest them and for the betterment of the community. The new youth got interested after helping out at the Gurdwara picnic and the Seniors’ trip. Two initiatives are underway, a trip for children and youth to the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada setup for December 28th during the winter break. The second initiative is to help setup a small food bank with the Gurdwara for International Students who are struggling with basic food needs. This need was identified during the Guru Nanak Food Drive where many students were asking if they can help themselves to the food collected. A subsequent meeting was held on December 22nd. It was agreed to have the meetings every two weeks on Sunday afternoons 2pm to 3pm in the GGSCF room for those interested in wanting to help out.