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New Year – New Life – New Hope

5 January 2011
radio01 January 2, 2011 the listeners of SurSagar gave tremendous support from their hearts to an appeal by host Baltej Singh Pannu to support mentally challenged children at the Navjivini School of Special Education in Patiala, Punjab. The pledges were collected by the volunteers of the Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation (GGSCF). If all the pledges are honoured this will double the number of children the GGSCF sends support to 90 to 180 children. The GGSCF would like to thank all those who called into the program offering their support even well after the program was off the air.

As Baltej Singh Pannu explained from personal experienced when he was residing in India, these are special children as they need special care and attention and the school provides this in terms of training program from basic living task such as eating and getting dressed to education, music, dance, craft work and also support for parents of these children. As most parents can understand when a new baby is born there is so much excitement and joy, unfortunately for these children, the parents go through a lot of turmoil, stress and hardship and looking after these special children is a lifetime responsibility. Navjivini School provides hope for these parents as a place they can go to get support/training and coping with life and there are very few such institutions in India. As the name suggests it provides a “new life” for the children but also the parents. Recently the centre has expanded to cater for those children who have grown to be adults and they have no one to look after them. It provides a refuge for these special people and also parents can pass on in peace knowing their loved one will have a place to pass their days even when they are here no more. The centre is so well run and so clean that one GGSCF youth who visited the centre said it is so well managed that he has not even seen such a place in Canada. Baltej asked people who visit India to visit the school and said your life will not be the same again.

The GGSCF thinks that most of us we cannot even contemplate what these children and their parents have to go through, as we live in a society that focuses very much on ourselves and our needs and wants. It is so refreshing to see a school like Navjivini to re-evaluate our own lives and priorities. If you would like to support a child please contact Jasmin Kaur 647-401-2908 or Hardev Singh 416-873-4507 or email us at mail@ggscf.com.

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