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Northbay School Visit

6 June 2010

northbay_school_visit May 27th 2010, students from a school at North Bay visited the Gurdwara as part of their World Religon class. Their teacher, John Hetherington, has been bringing students down for many years. The students enjoy their visit with us more than the other places they visit. Comments like how friendly and welcoming we are as a group was a feedback from previous visitors. They like the langar and of course eating off steel plates while seated on the floor is undoubtedly a novel experience.

This time we were visited by 21 children and 2 teachers, plus a student teacher. They reached the Gurdwara at 11.15 a.m. We started by welcoming them, and once they were all ready, we went to the main hall. On special request, Kirtan was on and they listened for a short while. They were given “Parshad,” and then led down to the Langar Hall. Once seated, langar was served, which consisted of rice, channas, roti, yogurt and barfi. Tea was offered, and it was enjoyed by many. Some of these children had probably not seen people of our colour, so chances of having tasted our food was rather remote. After langar there was a question answer session. They were really glad to have the opportunity to talk to Parmjit Flora.