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Race Against Racism

15 June 2013

raceagainstracism2013_5Each year, Peel Regional Police organizes the Race Against Racism and this year was no different as many participants took part in a 5km run/walk in Mississauga Valley Park. The event was well attended by many community groups and participants of all ages, including volunteers of the Foundation. Mayor Hazel McCallion opened the event as usual and started the race. After the race, there was entertainment and picnic food for everyone to enjoy. For those who feel racism does not exist in society, one just needs to look at the turban/patka soccer issue in Quebec over the last week and see you that racism still exists in very high places even today. It is unfortunate that in such a great country like Canada, which is seen as a example to the rest of the world of multi-faith and cultural communities living together, a small group of people showed their racism and brought shame to the good name of Quebec. Some soccer teams in Quebec showed their support by having all their players wear head coverings in a sign of defiance and support to this injustice in sport. We applaud the effort of these good people who are a example of what makes Canada such a wonderful country to live in.