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Relay Run 6779km collects $154,000 for Children’s Hospitals

26 November 2009

tanjotthoughts1 On November 26, 2009 the Ontario Legislative Assembly recognized the children who took part this summer in the “Children’s Run Across Canada” and raised $154,000 for children’s hospitals across Canada. The participants were welcomed by Bas Balkissoon, MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River and were later introduced to the house during question period by Michael Chan, MPP for Markham-Unionville.

Following this, the Premier of Ontario Honorable Dalton McGuinty greeted the participants and thanked them for their contribution at such a young age. The Toronto Consulate General of India, Mrs. Preeti Saran, also greeted the participants and mentioned they were good role models having taken on such a difficult task. The Premier then gave out certificates on behalf of the Government of Ontario to all the participants. Other house MPPs Bas Balkissoon (Scarborough-Rouge River), Dr. Kuldip S. Kular (Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale) and Vic Dhillon (Brampton West-Mississauga) were also present to congratulate the participants. The Premier’s Office also had arranged for a tour around the Legislative Buildings to allow the participants to understand their history and the important function they serve to all Ontarians.

On July 1st the relay run started in St. John’s, Newfoundland. In total 84 children took part from the youngest who was 2 years old to high school students and some attending university. The route passing through all of Canada’s ten provinces was 6779 km but the team ran a total distance of 8013km (some parts were run by more than one runner). The average distance covered each day was 138km and this was covered by two teams of runners starting at 6:00am each morning and on some days running till 6:00pm. The participants ran based on their ability and some of the very young participants ran only one day while the run passed through Toronto.

In total the run raised $154,000 through donations and pledges. Of this $14,000 was given to the following hospitals, one in each province the run passed through:

Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation – Newfoundland

IWK Health Centre Foundation – Nova Scotia

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation – Prince Edward Island

Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation – New Brunswick

The Montréal Children’s Hospital Foundation – Québec

SickKids Foundation – Ontario

Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba – Manitoba

Children’s Health & Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan

Children’s Hospital Foundation – Alberta

Surrey Memorial Hospital – British Columbia

Another $14,000 was given to Plan Canada in support of a health clinic for young children/mothers in Liberia, Africa. The reason for dividing the funds was to distribute these across Canada and also contribute to others parts of the world.

The run was a huge logistical challenge but with team work it was successfully completed. There were daily challenges with injuries, blisters, visits to the hospitals and generally very tired bodies but at no time did anyone despair or give up. List of all the runners.

Thoughts/Quotes from some of the participants:
“… I was truly humbled at seeing the Terry Fox memorial in Thunder Bay. What we did was nothing. We ran in a team, this great soul took on this task all by himself… I am proud that I did a little part to keep his dream alive, he inspires me, he inspires us all….” Panveer Singh Lachhar

“… the best part of the run was seeing all of the country. Just when you think you have seen the most beautiful view, you run around the corner only to come to more inspiring beauty… we are lucky to live in Canada…” Navneet Kaur Jaswal

“… this run was the most fun I have ever had and I will remember it for a lifetime…” Avneet Kaur Jaswal

“…my most memorable part was mile 0 in St. John’s where Terry Fox started his run. To think he stood there 25 years ago to undertake the same journey that I was to embark on…” Sophia Kaur Randhawa

“…its amazing that I was tired like my legs would drop off, but I wanted to keep going because it was so much fun and so exciting…” Jagdeep Singh Saggu

“…my most memorable part was Ottawa. I have never been there and to be there and speak for the GGSCF on the steps was unforgettable. What made it even batter was going inside the House of Commons and seeing where the Prime Minister sits…” Pavan Kaur Ubbi

“…what I liked the most was the honks we received along the way from people seeing what we were doing and honking in support. We even got honks from trucks and from CN trains that we got to run alongside…”
Tanjot Kaur Gill

“…people were so supportive they stopped along the way and handed us donations…” Gurleen Kaur Dhaliwal

“…I liked all the animals we saw along the way: black bears, deer, cows, horses, mountain goats, eagles, llamas, prairie dogs, dolphins from the ferry…” Sonia Kaur Pirhar

“…most exciting time in my life…” Aman Singh Chahal

“…when everyone talked about doing this, I thought they were just saying so, it would not happen, but we did it…” Bikramjit Singh

“…shows with practice, determination, commitment nothing is impossible…” Amanjit Singh

“…Ontario is big, so big it would just not end, when we got through Ontario we knew we would get to Vancouver…” Mandeep Kaur Grewal

“…I liked running early in the morning in the fog, it was like one was in a dream, it was not real…” Harjot Singh Bains

“…a breathtaking experience for all those who participated. Running across such a vast and beautiful country is not an easy task but the commitment and dedication shown by all the wonderful participants and volunteers made it possible….” Jasjit Singh Dhillon

“…I was really proud to work together with such magnificent people who care for others and give up their time to make a difference in the lives of others….” Amritvir Kaur

“…this event changed my perspective on life, made me a better person, and filled my mind with memories that will last forever….” Chiranjeev Singh

“…before I thought I had one family but during the run I was adopted into another family, the GGSCF family…” Jaipal Singh

“…I was not part of the run until it passed through my home town. I wanted to join and God willing when someone else dropped out, I got a chance to run. It has changed me for ever…” Supriya Kaur

“…coming back from the run was very difficult, we ended up with run depression. It was so common in our group we called it the GGSCF syndrome…” Sapreet Kaur Khera