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Scotiabank Marathon

4 November 2011

ggscfDespite the cold weather and long day, Volunteers came out to support the Annual Scotia bank Toronto Waterfront Half/ Full Marathon on Sunday October 16th,2011. This event is co-ordinated with the Canada Running Series which includes the Annual Sporting Life 10 K Marathon in May that the GGSCF also partook in. An honorarium was presented to the GGSCF in the amount of $500 for the 25 Volunteers that helped out that day.
Again, In October, Mandeep Bal took on the task of rounding up 55 Volunteers for the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.
Volunteers were treated to Transportation at Seven AM which was provided from Dixie Gurudwara and Scarborough Gurudwara along with snacks and a T-Shirt for their time. The GGSCF was the biggest group to volunteer. The Volunteers jobs were to be crowd marshals, cheer on runners and guide pedestrians and vehicles. They were set along the first half of the marathon route and roughly around 1PM got back onto the bus where they were taken to the finish line to cheer on the rest of the runners. A Crowd started to form as the last of the runners were to approach the finish line, this including the world famous runner Baba Fauja Singh Ji who at the age of 100 set the world record of being the oldest Marathon runner in Eight hours and 25 minutes. He was greeted at the finish line with media, the GGSCF Volunteers, and a crowd of motivated and inspired people. Volunteers then took the buses back home. Again, an honorarium of $650.00 was presented to the GGSCF for their dedication and help. In total, the Canada Running Series has donated $1150.00 to the GGSCF. Mandeep Bal Thanks all the Volunteers who helped out in BOTH events despite the long day and cold weather for both the May 1st 10 K Marathon and the October 16th,2011 Marathon, your help is greatly appreciated as this money can now assist those who are less fortunate than us in the GTA and around the world.