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Seniors Trip to Niagara Falls

26 August 2023

group1_0This year the Senior’s Day Trip was to Niagara Falls. Due to the pandemic we have not been there for many years. Two buses of seniors enjoyed the trip to Kingsbridge Park just above the Falls where they had lunch, tea and other snacks. GGSCF volunteers had prepared the food earlier with help from Scarborough Gurdwara and Sikh Society of Niagara Falls Gurdwara who helped to make tea and pakora. Satwant Kaur who lives at the Niagara peninsula had picked huge fresh peaches from the local farms. From the park a trip was made to the Horseshoe Falls, afterwards the seniors shared jokes, poems and Sikh history with each other. The day was enjoyable with the exception of the time it took to get back from the falls due to road construction and also with the rain downpour just as we were clearing up. This however did not dampen the spirits of the seniors or the volunteers.

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