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Seniors Trip to Peterborough

24 July 2022

00OtonabeeRiverAfter a absence of two years we finally had a trip for seniors to Peterborough. The day was enjoyed by a bus full of seniors ranging from 62 to 87 in age. The group of seniors were welcomed by MP Michelle Ferreri, Julie representative for MPP Dave Smith, local Councilor Lesley Parnell and President Scott Poser of Cavan F.C. of Peterborough. The police escorted the seniors to the picnic site and were led by Scottish Bagpipes played by Bob Stewart. The day was overcast with some light rain but the beautiful site along the Otonabee River was much enjoyed by all those who participated. Food was provided by sewadars from Scarborough Gurdwara who cooked food that was much enjoyed by all including all the local dignitaries. In the afternoon the seniors provided their own entertainment sharing songs, poems, jokes shared by those who attended, that was much appreciated during the light rain. Satnam presented small tokens of appreciation to all those who shared the entertainment. Mohinder Singh Sidhu, local resident had booked the picnic area at the Riverview Park & Zoo as well as making all the arrangements with the local dignitaries, providing snacks and sound system for the entertainment. With all those who volunteered and gave their time, the seniors had an enjoyable time, an opportunity to forget the pandemic and enjoy the outdoors at this beautiful scenic location.