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Seniors Trip to Royal Botanical Gardens

23 August 2014

simg_7054The Annual Seniors Trip this year was to Hamilton. Seniors from Dixie, Malton, Mayfield, Rexdale and Scarborough Gurdwara gathered on Saturday August 23rd to be bused to the Sikh Sangat Hamilton Gurdwara in Dundas. There they had tea/pakoras and then headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens for an afternoon of seeing flowers, gardens, woodlots and ravines. Because of the natural beauty, the place is used by many newly wed couples to have their outdoor marriage service or receptions. After this tour, the 74 seniors went to a local park to have lunch and some of the ladies got a chance to do some gidha. As the afternoon was overcast and cloudy, some seniors felt cold so the group returned to Hamilton Gurdwara for some fruit and tea. Here the seniors and youth got a chance to share some life experience and some jokes with each other. The seniors gave their appreciations of the effort made by the GGSCF youth that had arranged this before everyone headed back to the Gurdwaras in Toronto.