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Toronto Nagar Kirtan

24 April 2011

On Sunday April 24, 2011 thousands of Sikhs from across Ontario gathered for the annual Nagar Kirtan from the CNE to Queen’s Park. The weather was great day as the colourful procession of the Guru Granth Sahib and sangat passed through the streets of Toronto after a morning diwan at the Better Living Centre. Here langar was also served to thousands. The GGSCF again looked after the buses now for the 5th year and the service went off much smoother than last year. There was the usual rush as people come late to the bus stops and most were transported to the start of the procession but some who were late had to be taken straight to Queen’s Park. While 99% of the sangat enjoy the event and help each other there were still those who are impatient, those who try to jump the line-ups and critics who complain but never have enough time to come and help. Anyway the 50 young volunteers who managed the buses and sangat were pleased to help in a small way on this celebration.